• Ragnheiður


    “I am going to make you a nest,” said the architect to the family of six in the year 1963. So the story began, and, fifty years later, the nest that became a house is now known to be one of the greatest buildings ever made in Iceland. So how did it come about? A young woman called Högna Sigurðardóttir moved from Iceland to Paris to study architecture and soon showed clear signs of having extraordinary talent.

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  • Katrín Ólína

    Katrín Ólína

    “We were lucky to catch Katrín just as she was packing up her home and organising a new chapter in her life. Packing up, because this adventure involves a move away from a beautifully crafted material world, to a life of constant movement – a nomadic journey taking her new project Primitiva into the world. In a sense, Katrín is initiating an inspiring, new kind of lifestyle: a workshop, office and business on the road.

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